Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Hurricane's TV Debut...Happened?

I don't even watch "Revenge," but it doesn't mean that I'm not a fan of it. The show is just not on my plate. Little Hurricane announced on their Facebook that their song, "Get By," will be played during last week's episode. It was an exciting moment!

The moment came...and went. I had to watch the episode 2.5 times to finally hear it! "Get By" was severely underused as background noise, not even as music, during one of the bar scenes. The good news is that the song was made available on ABC's website right after the episode. Hopefully it has gotten more traction from there. They certainly deserve it. No worries, the talent is there and the people will come. I freaking <3 Little Hurricane. Now if only you'd come back to visit the East Coast!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Perez Hilton's One Night in NYC

Oh, yeah. I was there. Heart my friends!! Thanks to "Yo Yo" who invited moi. The set list for the night was amazing. And curious. I never thought I would see Pauly D do DJ, live. I mean, EVER. In my life.

One Night In NYC - Set List 2011

Mike Nouveau DJ
DJ Pauly D
Iggy Azalea
Mia Moretti DJ
Boyz II Men
Mary J. Blige
Little Boots DJ

This was like being in the candy store. Gushing on the sweets even when you know they can rot your teeth! Except Boyz II Men. They rock. Their first song was MotownPhilly. I knew most of the words to it! I did learn something in school. The group has shrunk by 1. Nathan, Wanya and Shawn are still very much in. Boyz II Men came out with a new album, Twenty, today!

A few of my other favorite acts are Karmin and Anjulie.

Anjulie is a Canadian singer/songwriter who's songs has appeared on many shows. She also won the video of the year in 2009 for "Boom." Anjulie's older songs leans towards more soul/pop-rock music. Her new song, "Brand New B**ch" is going a WHOLE different way. Electro and dance-pop. I have to admit that it is really catchy. It would go great in the dance clubs. The audience loved it, but her older fans are giving the curious eye brow for now. It's great that she's experimenting with other music, though. She is going for something "Brand New."

Karmin, Karmin, Karmin. Karmin is a duo with Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan. These 25 year olds from Massachusetts are hitting mainstream radio like lightening. One of Karmin's originals, "Take It Away," was featured in this year's NBA Finals. Amy is the guitar and vocals and also an EXCELLENT rapper who favors a style from the 1940s. She pulls it off beautifully. Nick is the piano guy and the other half of this recently ENGAGED duo. Congrats!! Once you listen to their cover of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass", there will be no turning back.

And last but not least, I will leave you a picture of Pauly D. I was so mesmerized by his shiny Italia laptop. And that hair. Fist pumping was definitely involved. Need I say more?

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Wombats @ Webster Hall

A couple of us went to see the Wombats on Wednesday night. We just kept raving about how much fun it was. We also could not stop talking about the last time we were inside of Webster Hall! Ah, those college nights...

Moving on. The night started with some of the best opening acts we've seen in a long time. The Spring Tigers followed by The Postelles (or Pos-tell-iis, as questioned by friend "B"). We'll get to them in a later post. They're also Stella drinkers.

The energy, the music, the voice of lead singer Matthew Murphy, and the fans all made a smoothie of a good time. Definitely, one of the best $16 spent on a Wednesday night. I wasn't even moving when I was recording because the crowd was literally shaking the dance floor. I was more worried about what to hold on to if the floor decided to take a break!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Little Hurricane on "Revenge"

The Little Hurricane that could. This is the cool band. In high school, they would be the cool kids that are very nice but also beat to their own drum and no one else's. They're just naturally popular because of who they are, not because they strive to be. It's nuts!

Little Hurricane's song, "Get By" will be on ABC's show, Revenge, tonight! Here's the video of their new single, "Crocodile Tears."

The Wombats tonight!

I don't care if it's raining cats and dogs (and it definitely is), I'm feeling sunny because I have a date with The Wombats tonight! Tickets are still available at the door at Webster Hall. Come and see this British band make a splash across the pond. They already did back home.

CMJ 2011

Don't forget to browse the schedule for CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival! Find some new music, fill up your weekend, meet some new people. It is running from Oct. 18th to 22nd.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ellie Goulding Runs

Ellie has been having quite the relationship with Nike, lately. Her love for running def has something to do with it. She just posted this clip (short film?), that was made by Nike recording her runs during her tour, on her site. Look out for the link that actually enters her site on the bottom right hand corner.

Ellie is currently touring with one of my guilty pleasures, Katy Perry!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kina Grannis

Weddings, weddings, weddings! I am quite certain that about half of my friends, including me, went to a wedding this past weekend. Wedding pictures are invading the Newsfeed on Facebook.

This weekend I was excited to be a part of a good friend's celebration! Mucho food, fun, love and friends =)

I especially enjoyed the music selection for the ceremony. Kina Grannis for the bridal processional ... whaaat? In a world of corporate day jobs, it is rare to find others who know about indie music. It's just as rare as finding a hockey fan around here. Adding another reason why the bride and I are friends ;)

Kina Grannis is a singer/songwriter from Southern California. Her songs have made it onto television shows and events such as the Superbowl. She accomplished all this before graduating college in 2007. I just got my driver's license. Kina is in the acoustic pop genre, with the likes of Sarah Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. Kina just started her first world tour this month. Since 2005, she has released 4 albums. The latest album, Stairwells (2010), made it onto the Billboard 200!

"Valentine" was used for the bridesmaids processional and "The Way You Are" by Kina Grannis and David Choi for the bride. Love it, "K"! Too cute =)

Rooftop Pursuit

My one night with Kollaboration NY introduced me to many new talents. One of my favorites is Rooftop Pursuit. Don't let the tattoos fool you. Rooftop Pursuit is a rock/R&B style band. And their songs will melt your hearts, ladies!

RP currently consists of Phil Lee (vocal/piano), Jason Yi (drums), Paul Frankie Lee (guitar/cello). This Washington D.C. based band, started in July of 2010 with everyone coming from a different band/project. The result sounds like Nickelback and some parts Ne-Yo. MELT!

RP's music video for "Why I Sing" was in collaboration with The Jubilee Project. Besides being one of my favorite songs off of their first album, this video was also used to raise awareness for Hepatitis B. Jubilee Project was put together by 3 friends who wanted to make videos for a good cause that will "empower, enable and inspire others to do good as well."

RP is currently performing in D.C. and working on their second album.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mr. Simple

My sis was just watching videos by a Youtube-r, KevJumba, a few days ago. I started watching them after she left. Seems like a nice kid from Texas. AND he was on the Amazing Race last year with PapaJumba. The one video that got me LMAO was "10 Reasons Why I'm Not Cool." Besides using this post to show off his friends, Jeremy Lin and nigahiga (I'm not jealous...not really...maybe), KevJumba gives us a few of the many reasons why he's not cool.

I FELL out of my chair craaaacking up after I heard one of his reasons. One, because of the fantastic makeup work and two, because I knew exactly what song he's referring to! Ah, brings me back to the days when I listened to Korean pop. You have to watch it to understand. And if you do, please help me confirm if Jeremy was ironing a sock. Great lip-synching, too. Have fun!

Here's KevJumba and the official music video below!

Super Junior - Mr. Simple


Well, I've been keeping quite silent on this front. Sorry! The other life needed to be tended to a bit more lately.