Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rooftop Pursuit

My one night with Kollaboration NY introduced me to many new talents. One of my favorites is Rooftop Pursuit. Don't let the tattoos fool you. Rooftop Pursuit is a rock/R&B style band. And their songs will melt your hearts, ladies!

RP currently consists of Phil Lee (vocal/piano), Jason Yi (drums), Paul Frankie Lee (guitar/cello). This Washington D.C. based band, started in July of 2010 with everyone coming from a different band/project. The result sounds like Nickelback and some parts Ne-Yo. MELT!

RP's music video for "Why I Sing" was in collaboration with The Jubilee Project. Besides being one of my favorite songs off of their first album, this video was also used to raise awareness for Hepatitis B. Jubilee Project was put together by 3 friends who wanted to make videos for a good cause that will "empower, enable and inspire others to do good as well."

RP is currently performing in D.C. and working on their second album.

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