Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kina Grannis

Weddings, weddings, weddings! I am quite certain that about half of my friends, including me, went to a wedding this past weekend. Wedding pictures are invading the Newsfeed on Facebook.

This weekend I was excited to be a part of a good friend's celebration! Mucho food, fun, love and friends =)

I especially enjoyed the music selection for the ceremony. Kina Grannis for the bridal processional ... whaaat? In a world of corporate day jobs, it is rare to find others who know about indie music. It's just as rare as finding a hockey fan around here. Adding another reason why the bride and I are friends ;)

Kina Grannis is a singer/songwriter from Southern California. Her songs have made it onto television shows and events such as the Superbowl. She accomplished all this before graduating college in 2007. I just got my driver's license. Kina is in the acoustic pop genre, with the likes of Sarah Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. Kina just started her first world tour this month. Since 2005, she has released 4 albums. The latest album, Stairwells (2010), made it onto the Billboard 200!

"Valentine" was used for the bridesmaids processional and "The Way You Are" by Kina Grannis and David Choi for the bride. Love it, "K"! Too cute =)

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