Sunday, December 11, 2011

little hurricane - Baby It's Cold Outside (free mp3 download)

By the time the holiday seasons roll around, you ought to figure out if you were naughty or nice and know what to expect in your stocking. And it looks like we did something good this year. One of our favorite bands, little hurricane, put out their interpretation of a classic holiday tune, Baby It's Cold Outside. Get yourself this sweet treat by downloading it for free from their site, here !

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Make Music New York - 12/21/11

This year will be Make Music New York's first Winter celebration! Make Music Winter will be on December 21st, the first night of winter. There are 12 outdoor and free performances scheduled to be played in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

I'm very partial to guitars and would suggest "Tilted Axes: Music for Mobile Guitars" and walk along the marching electric guitarists at play. Or maybe go to the "Notation Parade," where the brass musicians will go from building to building to find parts of a piece that will be imaged onto the fa├žades. Or if you're feeling old school and hip, go to Park Slope for "Peregrine," a boombox galore. Check out the schedule and enjoy!

Jackson Tyler Hunt - The Verge (free mp3 download)

Almost here! Jackson Tyler Hunt's album, The Verge, debuts next week on December 13, 2011. The first single off the album is the title track, The Verge. This song feels like the realization that appears after waking up the next morning from a night of fun out on the town. A realization of what the world truly is without all the sparkling lights and pom poms. And all that's left is you standing on a crossroad that you, somehow through many twists and turns, ended up at. "I'm here. What do I do now?" Will be back with the album review soon.

In the meantime, listen and download for free, The Verge, at the link here =)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Going Country - Cowboy Take Me Away

I love, live and breathe music (disclosure: doesn't mean I'm good at it). All kinds of music. But there's always been one genre that I just never quite understood and frankly, never gave a chance to. Country. Country music is a whole different planet to me. It's definitely different. Maybe growing up in a big city had something to do with it? Maybe.

Anywho, I finally listened to a few songs recently, when a friend mentioned how much he loved country music. "Wait, what? YOU?!"

I'm bringing this up because over the past few days I've replayed Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood's Remind Me ... into gluttony. And then Brad Paisley's Little Moments. And David Nail's Let It Rain. And then Keith Urban's You'll Think of Me. Where my Dixie Chicks at? I know this is just the tip of the iceberg and I'm just scraping the border between country and pop. Give me some time. But I am certainly enchanted by this "new territory." =D

Any suggestions?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Clara C - Shakin' Off Silence 2011

It took less than 2 years for a gal named Clara C to win Kollaboration Los Angeles, have a successful debut album and headline a global tour.

I was introduced to Clara's music by my wonderful buddy at AMEvents Inspiration. Check out this FUN filled site...after reading this. =D

I finally got to see Clara in concert earlier in November during the Shakin' Off Silence tour. Clara is not only an impressive vocalist (her booming voice will raise your skin) but also quite a funny person! She kept her audience entertained all throughout her performance. Without a blink and so naturally. Her shows are guaranteed by her personality to include great music and laughter. I also have to write about New Heights, later. This awesome band opened for Clara C and also collaborated with her for a music video. Stay tuned...

Clara's first album, Art in My Heart, debuted in September 2010. My personal favorite off this album is, Wake Up in Neverland. Love, love, love it. Clara just finished the Asian part (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila) of her APAC tour. Next up, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia!

Clara reveled during her concert that when she was younger, she was given dis-encouragement to pursue a music career. Well, I hope her sold out shows showed that person how wrong he/she was. Listen to your heart fellas. There's no time like today to pursue the life you want.

Saves the Day - Daybreak

Saves The Day became Saves the Day in 1997. This from their original name since 1994, Sefler. This New Jersey based band has had only one constant since then, which is the lead singer/songwriter, Chris Conley. Arun Bali, the current backing vocals, is also becoming quite a force for the band. There must've been 20 something band mates that went through the revolving door of this band. But the fans are still here and more excited than ever for their new album, Daybreak.

My friends and I enjoyed their show a few weeks ago in NYC. I loved bopping along with the music and avoided the moshing area. I rather not walk out with a shoeprint on my face! But my other friend "Bee," who is StD's #1 fan if I ever met one, decided otherwise and jumped in. Ha!

As the band was winding down the night, they finally sang my favorite song "Anywhere with You." "CeCe" was wondering if I also thought the dude sounded like a chipmunk! He's a very good chipmunk.

Saves the Day's new (7th) album, Daybreak, debuted on September 13, 2011. Download their new song, "Living Without Love," on

Here's "Deranged and Desperate" off of the Daybreak album. Because I like it.

Lead vocals/guitar - Chris Conley
Backing vocals/guitar - Arun Bali
Base guitar - Rodrigo Palma
Drums - Claudio Rivera (LOVE his hair)

In the Midst of the Holiday Season 2011

Well November went by fast!! Cleaning, changing wardrobe, family gatherings, concerts, friends, birthdays (and there was plenty this month), turkeys, shopping and who knows what else, took more time than what the day has to offer. Hopefully y'all had a GREAT Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a wonderful way to close out your 2011 and making preparations for an awesome 2012!