Thursday, March 29, 2012

Song of the Day - Too Close

Song of the day? Thank you, IE9 commercial with Hunger Games being played to Alex Clare's Too Close.

Name: Alex Clare
Hometown: London
Genre: Soul and dubstep
Album: The Lateness of the Hour (2011)
Current Billboard Top 100 rank: 68

Friday, March 23, 2012

Emeli Sande and Yuna - Tickets on Sale Today!

Tickets ($15) for Emelie Sande will be on sale as of noon time today! AND her opening act is Yuna.

Emelie Sande is an up and coming British R&B songwriter and female crooner who has been making a splash in her home country. This young musician released her debut album, Our Version of Events, earlier this year (yes, it's only March) and her work has already won her the Critics' Choice from the Brit Awards. Emeli's songs and style reflects of a modern Nina Simone. Her voice and music sounds great on the album, so I can only imagine how she is live.

So now is your chance to see her on a nitty gritty NYC night before she blows up and gets whisked away by the major labels for good. Spare the $15 that you were going to use to drink the night away for this moment. Well, in NYC that's about the price of one drink, anyway.

Now about Yuna. If you have Facebook, you might've seen people post her cover of Nirvana's "Come As You Are." Her interpretation of this song establishes her vocal ability to be just as soft and hauntingly beautiful. Yuna is a Malaysian singer songwriter (of the Fiona Apple sort) who's self-titled album is due out in April.

I must reiterate...$15!!! They will perform at the Music Hall of Williamsburg (don't be lazy), on Tuesday, April 24th at 8PM. Now THIS will certainly be a night of great music. Due to previous made plans, I won't be able to go... Trust me, if I could cancel those plans, I would in a hot second.

Emeli Sande's "Next To Me."

Yuna's new single, "Live Your Life."

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Honor by August @ Mercury Lounge

Do you ever get that feeling where you are the only one there, wherever you are. Just there. No alcohol or substances involved! I was standing in the middle of Mercury Lounge watching Honor by August and just soaked in their music. There were the hard core fanatics who danced and sang their way through the gig, the socializers in the back by the bar and amateur paparazzi floating around the Lounge, while I stood undisturbed. I snapped out of it when my friend JT jumped in my face and went,"I LOVE THEM!!"

Honor by August is an indie modern rock band from D.C. who's been making their way through popular music venues and collecting fans, like JT, along the way. So far, they've released 4 albums, Photographs (2005), Drowning Out the Television (2006), Found (2009) and On Our Own (2010). One of the most significant awards they've received is the Grand Prize in Billboard's World Song Contest, for "Only in Photographs."

Honor By August is Michael Pearsall (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Evan Field (Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals), Chris Rafetto (Bass, Backing Vocals, Piano) and Brian Shanley (Drums, Percussion).

Their next scheduled show will be at the Shamrock Fest in D.C. on March 24th. Have fun!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not For Sale Benefit Concert @ Avalon Hollywood

On March 21st, a few of our West coast based musicians will be performing together for a special cause. "Not for Sale" is a non-profit organization that aims to abolish human trafficking. It's shocking how lively human trafficking exists around the world and even in our own backyard.

The benefit concert will be at Avalon(Hollywood) and will also be hosted by the undeniably lovable and hysterical Youtube comedian, David So!

Performers for the event will include Joseph Vincent, Clara C, Jayesslee, Boyce Avenue, Satellite and Tournament of Hearts. If you happen to be in L.A. on March 21st, get your tickets here, and stop by for a night of inspiring music and a great cause. Tickets are $25 and all proceeds go towards anti-trafficking movements.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Aziatix @ Highline Ballroom Tonight!

Aziatix will be performing TONIGHT @ Highline Ballroom. Tickets are still available at the door. International awards have started to sweep in for Aziatix's 2011 album release, "Nocturnal." The group is currently on a U.S. tour and will be hitting up their own hometowns as well. Flowsik (Queens, NY), Eddie Shin (Boston) and Nicky Lee (Los Angeles) are returning to perform in New York for the second time in 2 years.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ready to run with the Postelles?

I first saw The Postelles open for the Wombats a few months ago. After their performance, the Postelles made their way to the merchandise table. I didn't know who they were then, but walked up to them and said, "Yo, you're pretty good. So can I take this match book?"

The Postelles, who also grew up in NYC, sound like a garage band version of the Beach Boys from Grease (yes, the movie). Their songs bring up the spiffy nostalgic all-American feel good mood you have in you. The Postelles are Daniel Balk (Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), David Dargahi (Vocals/ Lead Guitar), John Speyer (Bass) and Billy Cadden (Percussion).

After a few years of back and forth with the big wig music companies, the Postelles eventually chose to combine forces with +1 Music Group and their producer/mentor, Albert Hammond, Jr. from the Strokes. This also meant, finally, a release date for their self-titled debut album on June 7th, 2011.

They'll be back in NYC in October for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon! This marathon series has tour stops around the world and also supports a number of charities. So if you're feeling up for the challenge (specifically, a 10K challenge), then sign up! The Postelles will meet you at the finish line.

The post-race festival will begin at 9:30 AM @ Prospect Park. Whether it's on October 13th or the 22nd is still being disputed by the site. But we still have some time to figure that out. The Postelles will be headlining the festival and it will also be open to the public. Free!

You know what is also free? The songs for download from "Summer Undercovers" on their website.