Friday, October 21, 2011

The Wombats @ Webster Hall

A couple of us went to see the Wombats on Wednesday night. We just kept raving about how much fun it was. We also could not stop talking about the last time we were inside of Webster Hall! Ah, those college nights...

Moving on. The night started with some of the best opening acts we've seen in a long time. The Spring Tigers followed by The Postelles (or Pos-tell-iis, as questioned by friend "B"). We'll get to them in a later post. They're also Stella drinkers.

The energy, the music, the voice of lead singer Matthew Murphy, and the fans all made a smoothie of a good time. Definitely, one of the best $16 spent on a Wednesday night. I wasn't even moving when I was recording because the crowd was literally shaking the dance floor. I was more worried about what to hold on to if the floor decided to take a break!

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