Friday, October 14, 2011

Mr. Simple

My sis was just watching videos by a Youtube-r, KevJumba, a few days ago. I started watching them after she left. Seems like a nice kid from Texas. AND he was on the Amazing Race last year with PapaJumba. The one video that got me LMAO was "10 Reasons Why I'm Not Cool." Besides using this post to show off his friends, Jeremy Lin and nigahiga (I'm not jealous...not really...maybe), KevJumba gives us a few of the many reasons why he's not cool.

I FELL out of my chair craaaacking up after I heard one of his reasons. One, because of the fantastic makeup work and two, because I knew exactly what song he's referring to! Ah, brings me back to the days when I listened to Korean pop. You have to watch it to understand. And if you do, please help me confirm if Jeremy was ironing a sock. Great lip-synching, too. Have fun!

Here's KevJumba and the official music video below!

Super Junior - Mr. Simple

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