Friday, February 24, 2012

New York, New York

I'm not going to deny that I've been slacking. I've been busy with another sort of love. I am a New York fan. I was born in New York, bred in New York and bleed New York. So, naturally, I've been very occupied as of late. This is due to the names, Manning, Lundqvist and LIN! Thank goodness one of them is done(on the top!) for the season. I need my sleep.

Still can't believe Jay-Z is a NETS fan...sigh.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PS 22 at it again! This time on a Target ad

I had tears waiting to bust out after I saw this Target ad. Those were tears of joy! This ad features our hometown girl Denise, from P.S. 22 in Staten Island, belting out Rolling in the Deep. Simply beautiful. I'm so proud!

Thanks, Mr. B. For being such an amazing inspiration to all your kids. Your picture should be right next to Webster's definition of "teacher." The difference that you have made in this world will never be forgotten.

Watch the ad below.

Here's the "original" rendition from the halls of P.S. 22!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jackson Hunt @ The Other Door

If you so happen to be in Los Angeles (and I know some of you are!), make a visit to see our piano man, Jackson Hunt!

Jackson just spent last week in Miami gearing up for his performance at a jazzfest in Wellington, Florida. I'm sure his performance made some new fans before he even returned to his newly adopted home in the City of Angels. Fresh off of this trip, Jackson will be playing at the Open Door in NoHo (who knew there's one outside of NY) this coming Wendesday. It'll be a treat if you get to see him sing, "Dance Dance."

The Other Door @ 8pm on Wedenesday, 2/15
10437 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood, CA

Hear an update from the man himself =)

Whitney Houston 1963 - 2012

Another one lost too young and too tragically to her own demons. Here's to one of the best and here's hoping that she is finally in a better place.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Celebrate! Superbowl XLVI

Where have I been the last 2 weeks? Just trotting around town with this on...

And singing this...

<3 NY Giants <3

Awesome game played by both teams!