Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jane Lui - FREE Album Download Ends Tonight!

FYI - Jane Lui's free music download of her CD, Goodnight Company, will be ending TONIGHT! Get your free music now at her site!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

National Memorial Day Concert 2011

For many, Memorial Day represents the beginning of the summer, meticulously planned barbecues and of course, remembrance. As we enjoy our time with our family and friends, let us also give thanks and remember the men and women who have given and sacrificed more than what many of us can even comprehend.

On May 29, the day before Memorial Day, there will be a National Memorial Day Concert held on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. The Concert will be hosted by Gary Sinise, and will feature musicians and actors which include B.B. King, Kris Allen, Forest Whitaker, Pia Toscano and many more.

The National Memorial Day Concert will be broadcast live on PBS at 8:00 EST.

~Empire State Building in red, white & blue~

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

50% off at Pop Market at their Pop Up Shop!

For all the music lovers out there, here's a deal offered from Pop Market at their pop-up shop in the East Village. That's a lot of pops. For a limited time (today!!) get a 50% off coupon to use at the shop for free! You can get vinyls, box sets, books, posters, t-shirts, etc. The coupon doesn't expire until 6/24/11. Get it here at this link now!!

Pop Market
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Parachute or Parachute?

Well, well, well. Last year, the Britsh pop star, Cheryl Cole, had a chart topper with "Parachute." Her tango-inspired video was glamorous, sexy and frilly. Cheryl shows how much she needs her Prince Charming to be there for her. I also can't deny how much I was staring at Derek Hough. *Girly sigh* This is the epitome of a pop video.

Recently, my friend, who is currently up in Beantown, shared a video with me...that I am SHOCKED that I have not seen before!!! One of the writers of "Parachute," my home girl, Ingrid Michaelson sang her own interpretation of the song. And I mean "home girl," literally, because we're from the same 'hood(!). Anyway, Ingrid's take on this song is just more sultry, intense, mysterious and confident. And all she's wearing is a black tank top and lip gloss! No frilly dresses or massive eyeshadow needed here. She doesn't need to wait for anyone. But she knows her Prince is waiting for her!

Here's Cheryl...

Here's Ingrid...

Which is your favorite version?? Comment below!!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mates of State - Get Better

Are you a furry animal loving kind of person? If your answer to that is a yes, then this video, "Get Better" by Mates of State, is for you! Actually, I meant a person-in-a-furry-animal-costume loving person... It could have the same effect.

I wasn't too fond of the bunny suit that I saw first. Bad memories from a certain movie that involves a disturbed teenager and a big, scary and imaginary bunny. But I was quickly calmed by the appearances of the other amanimals! This song is very cheerful and hopeful within a world of uncertainty. The catchiest line is "Forget all your politics for awhile, let the color schemes arrive." It's funny how I understood this video and how it visually shows some of the political happenings in the world today, even though this song came out in 2008!

Mates of State is a husband/wife duo from Kansas. Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel formed their band in 1997 and have been active ever since. Many of their songs have been featured on many television series ranging from "Ugly Betty" to "The Gossip Girl." They also had two daughters along the way! Their sixth and latest album, Crushes, came out during the summer of 2010.

The duo is working on new material and are expected to release their seventh album after this summer. But in the meantime, Kori keeps us updated on their family life on the road in her blog, "Band on the Diaper Run." I love the name and the blog! You get a peek into their normal lives, too. I might be going out on a limb here, but maybe it's a play on Paul McCartney's classic, "Band on the Run." Yeah, that sounds about right.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rammstein - North America 2011

I left my TV on while I was cleaning up before I hit the hay. I felt like Jimmy Kimmel tonight. "Raaamstein. Rrraaaamshhteeein. Ram Stein? Rammstein." I looked at Jimmy with confusion. Why is that name coming out of that man's mouth?! "Rammstein will be performing on the show this Thursday night!" Get out of here, you serious? Who knew that Jimmy (or his peoples) knew?!

Rammstein, one of the most famous European bands of all time, has been touring in North America since last year. Their last stop will be in Las Vegas, NV on May 21. This is their first tour since they were banned from this side of the Atlantic more than a decade ago. They were considered a little too graphic, while others considered it great entertainment.

For all you German hard metal fans out there, check them out on Jimmy Kimmel this Thursday night, 5/19/11 @ 12/11c. Watch it, DVR it, Tivo, or use whatever contraption you have. Now I'm wondering how they are going to fit in the pyrotechnics. This is going to be fun.

I was gleefully introduced to Rammstein, by a dear friend of mine, about a year ago. I mentioned this in a previous post here and delved into some history in this post here! We went to the Festival d’été de Québec (Quebec Music Festival) during the summer of 2010. I agreed to go because it would be a great road trip, Trombone Shorty and hello music! I was further introduced to Rammstein when we popped in their CD. "Du hast mich!" My friend translated some lyrics. BLUSH. Oh, my. I was starting to understand why they got banned. It's metal, but good metal that makes sense to your ears and not just random loud banging of instruments. The lyrics are a whole other bunch of stories. By the end of the trip, I unknowingly joined the head banging. Rammstein knows how to put on a show! It involves pyrotechnics, an inflatable boat, sparkly clothing and bubbles. Lots of bubbles.

So, naturally, my friend and I had to go to their show at the Izod Center on May 5th. We were NOT disappointed. Some friends wanted to be there with us, and some sent us off with well wishes and hoped we'll make it back in one piece. It was quite the international gathering. The couple in front of us on the bus line were from Norway and some fans behind us were from Australia. Rammstein brings the world together...in their own way.

Fun Fact: "Du Hast" is on the soundtrack of "The Matrix." Makes you want to search for your VHS (it WAS that long ago) of it doesn't it??

Monday, May 9, 2011

Phoebe Holiday Ryan - The Sound

I was early and I was confused. So confused. I arrived about half an hour early for a show I was going to see. Two minutes later, I wasn't quite exactly sure what was going on with the current "gig."

What is going on? There's a host? Wait, no. She's an instructor? Why are there so many performers for this set? This is a huge band. Oh, these are her students who are performing on stage here. Are those parents with a camcorder in the audience? THESE ARE STUDENTS? WOW.

This was the night when I first met Phoebe "Holiday" Ryan and a bunch of her classmates and friends. This crew hails from the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University. Each student had an instrumental or vocal performance, either solo or with other classmates. There was no doubt of the enormous amount of talent that was there with me that night. I only had the opportunity to hear 3 songs but it was enough to overwhelm and amaze my senses. They have more talent than the current Billboard Top 20. I certainly hope all of them will "make it."

Afterward, when the set packed up and the stage was being readied for the next performance, I had an opportunity to talk to Phoebe for about 30 seconds. I was absolutely delighted to be invited by this young local singer/songwriter to her showcase at Webster Hall the following week!

As expected, I had a great time and was thoroughly impressed. Again. Phoebe had such a great stage presence with her attitude, voice and music. She's an Indie and folksy singer with a tiny splash of pop. Phoebe is a natural entertainer who can continue to engage her audience's attention while tuning her instruments or getting herself ready for the next song. It's the small lapses in between songs that gives time for the performer to build a connection with the audience, which some musicians actually neglect to take advantage of.

Phoebe played some of her own songs and some from her band, Town Hall. Apparently, she's also in a band...in her spare time! Town Hall is actually quite on the folksy side. Something a little different, but also a goodie, for my fellow city dwellers.

I especially loved the support Phoebe has from her fellow classmates. I recognized a handful of them from the week before. Some were in the audience and some sang back up for a song or two for Phoebe. It was one big happy family!

Below is the only clip I can find of my favorite song, The Sound, written by Phoebe Holiday. Find the lyrics on her MySpace, here ! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NLX - Find Love

When I think of NLX, I think of the trials and tribulations of a woman's heart. It can be breathtakingly beautiful or it can get very ugly. And you will most definitely feel it! Think I just done scared all the boys, haha. You can observe this below, which is also NLX's FIRST video!

Hope you enjoyed that! Anyways, I'm getting so distracted by the German tourists in front of me, the Italian tourists to my left and the couple hugging (I hope that's all they are doing) right outside the window. Hm. I need to correct myself. When I think of NLX, I think of the trials and tribulations of a man and a woman's heart. NLX's words captures many of the pains and healings that love provides so easily to us, but she also makes sure it does not go down without a fight to the ends of the Earth. If it does end, NLX closes the door and walks on, in her leather jacket (love it) and boots.

NLX, a native from Ontario, splits her time between Toronto and NYC. I saw her perform, in NYC, last week. I also witnessed her amazing voice seizing the attention of the whole room. Her strong and deep vocals accommodates the emotions of her songs perfectly.

NLX's latest album, Bitch Get Fit, came out in 2009 and is available on her website, www.NLXmusic.com, iTunes or Amazon (the link below). You should take a visit! NLX has stated that she is currently working on new material. Hopefully we'll get to hear it soon! As passionate and dramatic as her songs are about moving on, my (and also many others') favorite song is the one that describes how love can stop you in your tracks with its sweet and tender grasp. Good thing ABC thought so, too. NLX's song, Find Love, was featured in an episode of Brothers and Sisters in October of last year! Kitty!! Play and revel in it, here...

Monday, May 2, 2011

NYC Free Concert Season Begins ...

Although, I am sure there are plenty of concerts that has happened and are happening in our lovely city, I just thought I'd mention the Black Eyed Peas and their upcoming free concert. I hope you like this word as much as I do...free!

The BEPs will be performing on June 9, 2011 in Central Park to benefit the Robin Hood Foundation. The Robin Hood Foundation specifically funds programs that are most effective in fighting poverty in NYC. The BEPs also started an arts school in New York which will, hopefully, offset the cut to the arts programs in New York's public school system.

This concert is might also play as an introduction from BEPs to NYC announcing that they will be here for some time. I wasn't sure how and where the money is coming from since the concert will be free, but it is mentioned that VIP seats will be sold online. There will be about 50,000 tickets that will be given away online! Good luck! Maybe you can take a nice stroll across the Park that day, too. =)