Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Hurricane

OMFG. This is the only thing that comes to mind when they perform on stage. OMFG. The first time I met Little Hurricane was during the cold days of a NYC winter, earlier this year. I can't believe I was seeing and listening to this, live.

Their coolness and sexiness factor just sky rockets out of this world. This is even before they show you how musically talented they are. It's insane. The question is, how are they camera and audio ready, all the time?

Little Hurricane describes themselves as dirty blues. Dirty meaning whatever you want it to mean. The songs are exactly a reflection of what this two musicians are. Sexy and cool. This duo is made up of singer-guitarist Anthony “Tone” Catalano and drummer-singer Celeste “CC” Spina. The chemistry and talents between these two are just too hard to ignore. Watch the video below and tell me otherwise! "Give Em Hell," is one hell of a song for sure. It would be the music world's lost if the big guns don't pay attention to them. As of now, they are doing everything themselves with no label. With the following that is building up for them, I'm sure one will be knocking on their doors soon.

Little Hurricane has decided to continue with the rest of their tour, this year, in the Southwest. I was lucky to catch them while they 'were here. This is definitely one of the bands that I am willing to buy plane tickets to go see them live, wherever they perform. That's how freaking good they are.

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