Friday, September 26, 2014

Kelly that you?

First off...has it really been a year since I've written anything? Apologies to those I gave my card to! Heck, even 2014 is almost over. I want my time back! Haha, anyways hope all of you have been doing well and everything is peachy keen! If not...then make it happen!! Peachy!

K, back to music. I just heard a cover of Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight," and it wasn't Mike Tyson. The voice was very ethereal. Not to say Mike's isn't. Thank you, internet. Or Al Gore. Are we still going with that story? Anyways, Kelly Sweet pops up on my search and I know that I KNOW that name and voice (but not the hair!). Lo and behold... Raincoat. Kelly has really grown and moved on from her days since I saw her play Raincoat on a local show. Kelly's discography consisted of jazz-y, Norah Jones/Colbie Caillat, life is full of marshmallows and unicorns type of feel. I love marshmallows.


From Raincoat, to Why. This song is very heart wrenching. It's when you realize that no matter how many times you ask and however loud you make yourself heard, you might never find the answer to the question that changed everything. But remember that it isn't you. It's life. It's quite startling to hear how different Kelly's songs are 4-5 years after Raincoat came out. She's definitely grown. Life happened, I guess.


And here's the song that brought me back. Thanks Kelly!

In the Air Tonight