Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lykke Li, Wounded Rhymes

Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson, known by her stage name as Lykke Li, is Swedish singer-songwriter of mostly indie rock and electronic pop. Her first album, Youth Novels, was released in Europe in January 2008. Ever since, her songs has filled the playlists of many indie music lovers.

Lykke Li has a uniquely soft and high voice. It's one of those natural voices that is 10 times better heard live rather than from a recording studio. Her lyrics are comparable to Ingrid Michaelson's creativity. Some of Lykke's songs might also catch you off guard as she sings with firm confidence and determination of her sexual needs. It can even make the Rolling Stones blush. Her hit, Get Some, turned a few heads. Lykke once mentioned in an interview that the reason some people are surprised by her lyrics, is because she is a girl. She doesn't see the same reaction when the same topic comes from a guy's mouth. There's much truth in that.

Here's her video for "Little Bit," from her first album. Also one of my favorites.

Lykke Li was asked to be a part of the soundtrack for "Twilight Saga: New Moon" which came out in 2009. The result was a hauntingly slow and torturous love song, named "Possibility." The length is 5 minutes. Lykke can jam both ways. This will be the first and hopefully the last time that I will ever have the need to mention Twilight the series. EVER.

Her second and newest album, Wounded Rhymes, came out in February of 2011. This was also the month that her picture and name was splashed across the cover Spin magazine! Read her interview here. This album is still very much her style but much more mature. You can hear the steady ground she's on, compared to the first album.

Lykke's next performance in the Northeast will be on 11/17/2011 at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ. Get your tickets early! I learned that after waiting too long for so many times. Argh.

From her new album, "I Follow Rivers."

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