Monday, August 1, 2011

Class Actress - I want to "Keep You"!

It's amazing what the human memory can go on with nothing but a silhouette, a note or a dance move as a reminder.

Some friends invited me to join them at one of the Hudson River Rocks show, last night. Yes, I totally missed this information before! Thank goodness for friends. They wanted to go see Class Actress. The name didn't ring a bell with me and I didn't have time to look up who this band was before I headed there. I was walking onto the packed Pier (let's just say I thought I was in Williamsburg) just as Class Actress started to play, "Let Me Take You Out." Holy mackerel freaking goodness. Then I looked up at the stage. I was far, far back but I KNOW that dance and silhouette of the singer, Elizabeth Harper.

I first saw them at Bowery Ballroom as an opening act! Probably about 2 years ago. Things has changed since then and for the better, I see. I thought they were pretty good back then but never had a chance to catch their name. Now I finally know and will remember it!

Class Actress' songs are heavily synth and electro that are softened by Elizabeth Harper's smokey but strong voice. They focus strongly on a music style best described as a very mod 80s. This music sounds like the journey of a girl in a big city trying to figure out her glamorous path amongst everyone. And nothing will get in her way towards finding it.

I'm liking their new song, Keep You, more and more. Yes, more than the songs from their last album! The band sounds more confident in their style in this new song. It's like hearing, "Yes, this is me. This is what I am!" in the background. The new album is named Rapprocher and will be out on October 18, 2011. I'm looking forward to hear what incredible beats, styles and lyrics Class Actress has to offer.

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