Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DJ Babaloo and Salsa @ South Street Seaport

I really hope all of you are taking advantage of the summer season by going out there and enjoying the city. Can't emphasize enough on how many free things and events there are to do.

I was recently told about free salsa lessons and dancing at South Street Seaport, by Skipper's Bar, at 7PM on Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the summer (last day is 9/1). Whoa what?!

When the night started, the host introduced the crowd (all 7 of us) to beginner's salsa dancing. After convincing a few shy but brave souls to demonstrate, the party got started. As the night came upon us, the host let DJ Babaloo take over. By that time, a few more people gathered on the pier. Then DJ Babaloo ripped the dance floor (or pier) with classic Latin music. More and more people couldn't resist the urge to jump onto the dance floor! There was a mix of expert dancers and novices. The pros would offer to dance with the newbies and teach them a few steps. Love it!

DJ Babaloo knows how to make the atmosphere alive according to the crowd's needs. He kept us on our toes all night. It didn't matter if you had a dance partner or not, DJ Babaloo will get you in the mood! Before I knew it, the floor was filled and the bar seats were empty. We even got a treat from the East River. Fireworks!

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