Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paul Van Dyk - for the dancers, the lovers, the live-rs

On a cold and windy February night, I went to watch Paul Van Dyk. What about you? I don't remember if I've ever danced non-stop so much in one night! Yes. There was definitely fist pumping involved. *hides* My friend, *Recess, danced his butt and arms off! Apparently he is still recovering.

I was kind of skeptical at going. I wasn't sure what the hoopla was about. Isn't it the same as listening to this music in a club or of your computer? Well, that's like saying what's the difference between watching "The Matrix" in the theater and on your laptop. Also, being a wannabe music blogger, I have no excuse.
The roars of the crowd screaming, "PVD. PVD." were barely contained by the walls of Terminal 5. PVD is prompt and doesn't let us wait any longer. Within 15 minutes the whole place was jumping! And freaking sweaty hot, too. My heart starts beating along with the bass. Thump, thump, thump, thump.

Paul Van Dyk was born in East Germany as Matthias Paul. His childhood included his father leaving the family, the Berlin Wall, and illegally smuggling pop music into the country to listen to! PVD started his massive career in 1990 and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. If you can see him live, do it. He'll make you feel alive. Cheesy, but true.

Yeah. Now I know why PVD has been one of the top 10 DJs in the WORLD since the 1990s. I love most that he dances along with his audience and fans. This man loves to smile, haha. Straight from 11PM - 2AM. NO break. And no one wanted to stop. The whole place was a mass of spontaneous techno energy. Except those kids that I saw puking into a garbage can by the bathroom around 9 PM. One of them was wearing a t-shirt that says "--- High 2010." Oy, geez. What are you doing here, kid? Then I remembered my days in college =X And let's move on!
Ladies, wear a tank/light top. Please, ladies no sk**k wear. Also, always carry light!
Like this lil' wristlet here. Gents, stick with a nice t-shirt. Kids, just stay home.

PVD's first studio album, "45 Ways," came out in 1994. It is anticipated that he realease his 6th album later this year. In his spare time, PVD shows that he's not just about the music, but also cares about his fellow brothers and sisters around the world. He's made his opinion of being against the Iraq War known, wished that there's peace in the Middle East and also joined the campaign for "Rock the Vote" for the American Presidential election in 2004 and 2008. It can't be denied that his upbringing in East Germany had a heavy influence on his political views, as well as his determination to be as happy as a clam. And he wants you to be one, too. You can tell that he is, from seeing his performances.
Check out his song, "For An Angel."

Recess says his ears are still ringing. Ha! Amateur.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.

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