Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MNDR - Cut Me Out

Just thought I'd check in on my girl, Amanda Warner, a.k.a. front woman of MNDR, and see what she's been up to since my last posting of her here.

I wanted to see when she'll be in town again, since I MISSED her performance in NYC on 2/4/2011. Sigh. On another note, I was absolutely ec-freakin-static when I saw MNDR on the cover of this month's SPIN!! Although they have seem to have forgotten to mention that MNDR is actually a duo with Amanda Warner and behind the curtains partner, Peter Wade. According to the magazine, she's on the 2011 list of "ones to watch." YUP. MNDR has been getting more and more airplay...guess where? Overseas in the UK, of course. Which is still awesome. This Cali native, with her huge whopping signature white glasses, graces the stage and sings her original songs with infectious hooks, unique voice and pounding (or dizzying) visuals. Her voice is like Pop Rocks compared to other big name-rs' Nerds.

MNDR's first single release of the year, Cut Me Out, came out on January 19th. Catch their new single here! Enjoy!

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