Friday, February 18, 2011

Blooming Robyn

This Swedish beauty, Robyn, can steal your heart and soul! Her music is electropop-ish with hints of smooth renderings. Robyn has been around for over a decade. Her first album, Robyn is Here, came out in 1996. She's been hitting up high on the charts ever since. Well, more specifically, the charts overseas. Within recent years, Robyn's music has been slowly creeping into the States. Finally!
This year she was nominated for a Grammy in the Dance category for the song, "Dancing On My Own" from the album, Body Talk, Pt 1. Ah, another lovesick song. Why do I mention her now? Well with all the (well-deserved) pizazz about Adele, I just thought of her. I don't know why, lol. Maybe actual real talent has a lot to do with it! There are so many international stars that barely break into the States because our usual taste doesn't understand it. Kind of like how we are into football as the rest of the world is into futbol. Nothing wrong with that. Just different, but worth it to explore, no?

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