Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grammys 2011

Shall we discuss how Eminem got jipped? Or maybe not because it's too heartbreaking for me. But he was still so grateful of the awards he received. I enjoyed his Recovery album. Arcade Fire? Really?? But let's be fair.I haven't heard all of their songs and I'm guessing they at least deserve airplay since they also got nominated!

I loved Bruno Mars and his doo-wop performances with B.o.B. and got SO FREAKING EXCITED when I saw Janelle Monae on stage!! AHHHHHH!!! Artists like her deserve to be heard. I love that she still keeps her style. The un-Snooki poof, the suspenders and energy. Woo! Of course, I had to see this on the internet because I was still making my way home from snowboarding in Vermont =D And I might've gained a few bruises here and there.
But coming home to Eminem's performance made it all better.
Rihanna and Drake's duet of "What's My Name" was just hot. That's it. Though, I'd prefer to listen to Rihanna on record rather than live =/ But, yes, again, Eminem brought down the house. I'm not biased XD

And the big ol' catchy performance of the night belongs to Eminem, Skyler Grey and Dr. Dre. Stage full of talent (as Eminem sings his love song to Dre)! When Skyler sang "I need a doctor..." I just thought, "Wow, she sounds so familiar yet I don't recognize the name". After a little help from my friend, Google, BAM! Skyler Grey = Holly Brook. Years ago, Holly was the guest singer to Fort Minor's track, "Where'd You Go." I'm also a fan of her track, "Blood and Honey."

I can't explain the name change. It maybe for a new beginning. We all have chapters in our lives we want to close and open. Or it could be a simpler explanation, haha. Anyways, if you want to get into the masses, you perform everywhere. And the Grammys ain't a bad start. As of last night, I'm sure her name became one of the top searches on the internet. Alrighty, time for me to peace out for now. BBL!

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