Thursday, June 9, 2011

You know you're off to a good start when...

...your song is playing at the Jamba Juice in Times Square!

A few friends and I went to patronize the local Jamba during the heat rampage that Mother Nature has brought upon us. Sigh. Nothing a little pineapple smoothie can't fix (temporarily)!

I was bopping along with the rest of the people when Bermuda by Kisses came on. The tune went very well with my pineapple smoothie. It brought me back to the beautiful summers we've had. I hope this year's will also become one of them. I just wished I had a sun dress and my big glasses on, too.

Kisses is currently on tour in Australia. Hopefully the people Down Under will love them as much as we do ;) Lucky for Kisses, they decided to go during Australia's winter season! Back to my smoothie...

What tunes help you keep cool?

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