Monday, March 7, 2011

Kisses - Keeps Us Warm ;)

The first thing I thought of, on this cold New York City day, was why did I NOT wear an extra layer?! Brr. After hopping onto the subway, I frantically searched for my ipod. I knew exactly what I wanted to listen to. All I wanted was Kisses!! Ah. Much better.

This L.A. duo first made their appearance in my life at the CMJ Marathon during the fall of 2010. Jesse Kivel takes reign of the vocals, while his girlfriend, Zinzi Edmundson, holds down the (very heavily synth) keyboards. I was hanging out in a corner at "The Studio" waiting for the cold Friday night to whittle away when Kisses took the stage. The first few notes caught me for the rest of their gig. As I watched and listened, I was flooded with memories of kisses from the warm summer breeze that gently touches my skin as I walked along the streets...without a care in the world. Makes you happy, dance and ready to fall in love. Just what I needed for my commute this morning!

Jesse's voice can reach impressively low octaves and remain very sweet and sensual at the same time. Wow. Kisses got a good thing going for them. They're an upbeat love story between 80s band, A-Ha and 90s band, Ace-of-Base. Seriously.

Their newest single, Midnight Lover, sounds similar to their older song, Bermuda. The lyrics are pretty interesting. They have quite a way with words to get a story across. Nevertheless, I still very much like them both. It's like saying Sarah McLachlan's songs sound similar. It's just their signature style.

Off to Bermuda!

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