Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pianos 4 and 5 (2011)

Yes, I realize the picture to the left is not of a piano, but of a furry purple koala. The lovely lady was in a koala costume promoting a Broadway show while standing in a potted tree. I took this picture after I felt something bump into the back of my head which resulted in me freaking out a little bit and my good friend, Cauliflower, to laugh at my encounter. It was Miss Koala's ear that hit me. Hey, it could've been bird poo. Phew. Apparently Miss Koala got out of the tree and joined us at the piano (Broadway and 45th Street) when someone was playing it. Yay, to music bringing people together!

Onto the next one! Cauliflower and I made our way to the Library at Bryant Park. To our delight, we got there at the same time as a musician did. Craig Greenberg, just started belting out his songs. I'll have to check his music out, soon. While the rest of the surrounding people and we were enjoying Craig's music, a lot of commotion was going about. Then I realized that they were filming scenes for...White Collar! Ohmigoodness, I really like that show! The staff just started to build the set around us and asked if we can move back but offered to let us watch it on their monitors. The set was built in about 10 minutes. It was like watching Nascar. I saw Mozzie!! And Pete and Neal. Oh, Neal.

Oh, yes. Back to the piano. So Craig played a few more songs (which the White Collar staff stopped to listen to as well!) and then decided to head off to another piano. We stayed for a bit more to watch the action. Before we left, we covered the piano back up with its blue tarp since the gray skies were going to arrive soon.

I love the painting on the lower part of the piano that depicts a subway. Classic!


  1. I still cannot get over how awesome this piano thing is and how jealous I am that NYC is a real city and LA is not. *sigh*

  2. Maybe we can make it happen in LA!

  3. just came across this.. thanks for posting Shirl, and for the compliment! :)

    was fun to play for you!