Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pianos 2 and 3 (2011)

This darling is like a funky auntie. All bright colors and snazz yet comforting and trusting. I found her under the Archway of Manhattan Bridge. She is styling a knit cover that will also survive our summer showers under the Bridge. Give her a visit!

I was so upset when I was walking towards this piano at Shore Road Park. Why are you covered?? Can I help?? I went straight up and tried to uncover it so it can enjoy the sun!

But before I even tried, I heard "Nyet! Nyet!" I responded, "Da! Da! This is not supposed to be covered today!" The old man thought I was going to vandalize something. What?? Does this face look like it belongs to a troublemaker!? ...

Then I found a note on the blue tarp. "Sorry, this will be a rainy week so keeping covered!" Oh, phooey. You're only here for 2 weeks! I walked away in defeat. Sigh. Maybe I'll give it another try next week.

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