Monday, May 9, 2011

Phoebe Holiday Ryan - The Sound

I was early and I was confused. So confused. I arrived about half an hour early for a show I was going to see. Two minutes later, I wasn't quite exactly sure what was going on with the current "gig."

What is going on? There's a host? Wait, no. She's an instructor? Why are there so many performers for this set? This is a huge band. Oh, these are her students who are performing on stage here. Are those parents with a camcorder in the audience? THESE ARE STUDENTS? WOW.

This was the night when I first met Phoebe "Holiday" Ryan and a bunch of her classmates and friends. This crew hails from the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University. Each student had an instrumental or vocal performance, either solo or with other classmates. There was no doubt of the enormous amount of talent that was there with me that night. I only had the opportunity to hear 3 songs but it was enough to overwhelm and amaze my senses. They have more talent than the current Billboard Top 20. I certainly hope all of them will "make it."

Afterward, when the set packed up and the stage was being readied for the next performance, I had an opportunity to talk to Phoebe for about 30 seconds. I was absolutely delighted to be invited by this young local singer/songwriter to her showcase at Webster Hall the following week!

As expected, I had a great time and was thoroughly impressed. Again. Phoebe had such a great stage presence with her attitude, voice and music. She's an Indie and folksy singer with a tiny splash of pop. Phoebe is a natural entertainer who can continue to engage her audience's attention while tuning her instruments or getting herself ready for the next song. It's the small lapses in between songs that gives time for the performer to build a connection with the audience, which some musicians actually neglect to take advantage of.

Phoebe played some of her own songs and some from her band, Town Hall. Apparently, she's also in a her spare time! Town Hall is actually quite on the folksy side. Something a little different, but also a goodie, for my fellow city dwellers.

I especially loved the support Phoebe has from her fellow classmates. I recognized a handful of them from the week before. Some were in the audience and some sang back up for a song or two for Phoebe. It was one big happy family!

Below is the only clip I can find of my favorite song, The Sound, written by Phoebe Holiday. Find the lyrics on her MySpace, here ! Stay tuned...

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