Monday, May 23, 2011

Parachute or Parachute?

Well, well, well. Last year, the Britsh pop star, Cheryl Cole, had a chart topper with "Parachute." Her tango-inspired video was glamorous, sexy and frilly. Cheryl shows how much she needs her Prince Charming to be there for her. I also can't deny how much I was staring at Derek Hough. *Girly sigh* This is the epitome of a pop video.

Recently, my friend, who is currently up in Beantown, shared a video with me...that I am SHOCKED that I have not seen before!!! One of the writers of "Parachute," my home girl, Ingrid Michaelson sang her own interpretation of the song. And I mean "home girl," literally, because we're from the same 'hood(!). Anyway, Ingrid's take on this song is just more sultry, intense, mysterious and confident. And all she's wearing is a black tank top and lip gloss! No frilly dresses or massive eyeshadow needed here. She doesn't need to wait for anyone. But she knows her Prince is waiting for her!

Here's Cheryl...

Here's Ingrid...

Which is your favorite version?? Comment below!!

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