Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fallin' for Trombone Shorty

First off, tell me how handsome this man is!! Ok, back to what I was going to say...whatever that was. So a few months ago, I was sweating like a hot sundae down in New Orleans when I first came across Trombone Shorty's name. The music fan that I am, I checked out the local music stores to see what they had to offer. I went to the Louisiana Music Factory on Decatur Street. The guys behind the counter reminded me of my old orchestra teacher(whom I still keep in touch with!) from junior high, with his buttoned down shirt and slicked back ponytail. I asked the fella, "You got any local contemporary jazz music here?" "Sure do, Miss." The good sir lead me to the listening stations and picked out a few for me. After a couple of tracks, I finally reached Trombone Shorty's. I looked at his CD cover and thought, "Well, ain't he trying to look smooth." I pressed PLAY for his CD, Backatown. Dun dun dun duuuun Hey! Dun dun dun duuuun Hey! That was from the first track, Hurricane Season. As I was reading the CD booklet, Shorty started to sing to me. Well, from his second track, On Your Way Down. Awh, man. He sings great, too! Then we got to Something Beautiful with Lenny Kravitz. Oh, Lenny. Sold. Done deal. For $8.99. The good sir told me I was lucky. I got the last CD in stock, and he spotted someone who also want to get it. I'd like to think I'm lucky, too. For many reasons.

Nope. Not the end of my story with Shorty. Last weekend, I went with my friend, "Yo Yo," to the Festival dete de Quebec a.k.a. the Quebec Music Festival. She's been wanting to go see Rammstein (German metal. We'll get to that review soon. I promise.) since last year! She got the all access pass, which meant that we can go to any concert we want to for the time we're there. I checked out Sunday's schedule and I saw that Trombone Shorty was going to perform about 4 hours before Rammstein at a close-by venue. I was at work so I just went "Oh!" But inside I was screaming like a teenage girl at a Jonas Brothers' concert. Or are they onto Beiber? Eh, teens, haha.

My gosh, Trombone Shorty was non-stop energy and loved the audience as much as we love him. Now he sang to me. He made sure his band got a chance to do their thing, too. Big D on the percussion. Freaky Pete on the guitar. I don't know why he's Freaky...haha. Also, Joey with his Sideshow Bob hair (beautiful and shiny hair) on the drums. Shorty surprised us with a throwback to Louis Armstrong. He did a great imitation of his voice while singing, The Saints Go Marching In. Totally N'awlins. After his performance, we got to meet him while the band was packing up. I am lucky! My friend was smitten by how cute he is. Rammstein what? Ha! I was smitten by how talented he is and how awesome it was that I got to meet him. And yes, his handsomeness was totally the cherry on top. SMITTEN. Sigh, I also forgot to bring my copy of his CD to sign. Maybe next time. He'll be in NYC performing at South Street Seaport on August 26, 2010!! Do come join me if you can! You'll have a great time.

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