Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NLX - Find Love

When I think of NLX, I think of the trials and tribulations of a woman's heart. It can be breathtakingly beautiful or it can get very ugly. And you will most definitely feel it! Think I just done scared all the boys, haha. You can observe this below, which is also NLX's FIRST video!

Hope you enjoyed that! Anyways, I'm getting so distracted by the German tourists in front of me, the Italian tourists to my left and the couple hugging (I hope that's all they are doing) right outside the window. Hm. I need to correct myself. When I think of NLX, I think of the trials and tribulations of a man and a woman's heart. NLX's words captures many of the pains and healings that love provides so easily to us, but she also makes sure it does not go down without a fight to the ends of the Earth. If it does end, NLX closes the door and walks on, in her leather jacket (love it) and boots.

NLX, a native from Ontario, splits her time between Toronto and NYC. I saw her perform, in NYC, last week. I also witnessed her amazing voice seizing the attention of the whole room. Her strong and deep vocals accommodates the emotions of her songs perfectly.

NLX's latest album, Bitch Get Fit, came out in 2009 and is available on her website,, iTunes or Amazon (the link below). You should take a visit! NLX has stated that she is currently working on new material. Hopefully we'll get to hear it soon! As passionate and dramatic as her songs are about moving on, my (and also many others') favorite song is the one that describes how love can stop you in your tracks with its sweet and tender grasp. Good thing ABC thought so, too. NLX's song, Find Love, was featured in an episode of Brothers and Sisters in October of last year! Kitty!! Play and revel in it, here...

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