Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bernal/Eckroth/Ennis...needs a shorter name!

Bernal/Eckroth/Ennis performing @ Garage (on 7th and Grove)

How about B/E/E? Eh, I might suggest it next time I see them, ;) This past week, my friend, "Co Co," and I went to see them perform in the West Village. I first saw these guys at a Jazz Fest, with another friend, "Rio Rio," in Long Island City earlier this year. This trio, Natalia Bernal, Mike Eckroth and Jason Ennis, were my favorite performance of the whole festival. B/E/E (I'm using this, simplified) is a Latin jazz trio from New York. They focus mostly on jazz infused folk Brazilian/Chilean music. All you want to do, is sip on wine with some old friends and enjoy their performance. Natalia is an amazing singer. She's not a hip-hop or pop star, but she's a beautiful (physically and vocally) and passionate singer. More in tune for my calm side. Jason Ennis is the guitarist and group leader (I'm assuming here). He has like 5(!) other bands that stays close to Latin roots (samba, choro, hand drums, etc.). I haven't checked those out yet =/
B/E/E plays at Garage about once a month. Check the schedule and drop by if you're around. The place has great happy hours, too ;) Maybe I'll see you there!

Here's their FIRST CD! La Voz De Tres, released in May 2010. Their website also has complete translations.

Oh, yeah. They signed my CD. Woo! I support my beloved awesome local musicians.

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