Thursday, August 5, 2010

Apocalyptica Rocks

Apocalyptica feat. Gavin Rossdale - End of Me

I've heard of this group here and there before...although I have no idea why. Maybe it's because they rock cellos, literally. And I'm a huge fan of stringed instruments. Anywho, I caught the end of their performance at the Montreal Music Festival. I didn't expect anything to my liking, at first. But I came out thinking that this neo-classical metal stuff is pretty dang awesome. I will be listening to them more. I was very impressed by how they managed to head bang their 3 foot long hair in perfect circles AND play their cellos. Now, these are musicians.

They are billed a cello metal rock band. Talk about yin and yang, haha. This 4-man band consists of 3 classically trained cellists and a drummer. They hail from Finland and formed in 1993. If you are into the likes of Evanescence, Three Days Grace or Seether, def give Apocalyptica a try. And as it PAINS me to say this...they rock much better than Linkin Park. I mean, check this video out and see for yourself.

This video was just released in July, 2010. "End of Me" is part of Apocalyptica's 7th album, 7th Symphony, to be released in August, 2010. Enjoy!

On a side note, it's nice to see Gavin back. I feel like I haven't heard from him (musically and not Gwen related) since I left for high school!

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