Sunday, August 29, 2010

"The ArchAndroid" - Janelle Monae (is back)

Here's the arrival of Janelle Monae's second album! The ArchAndroid. This Kansas City native has not backed down from her sci-fi influenced style. All her videos portrays such interesting stories but all of them pertains to the androids oppression by humans. Kind of like Battlestar Galactica or Matrix? I'm a sci-fi junkie as well and I continue to look forward to see what Janelle has in store for us. Below is her new video with Big Boi. I can't get enough of how good she looks in those shoes!
She's definitely one of a kind. Though, in my previous post about Janelle, I said that I hope she does not get too commercialized. Unfortunately, that happens with too many talents. But it's also another way to have mass appeal(and the big bucks!). I recently read an interview of Janelle by the Chicago Tribune. Janelle reassured us this won't happen. She ended the interview with, "You have a choice: You can be yourself, or you can follow the pack. It's very important to represent the many sides of us that are out there. I want to redefine how a woman can dress, how she can wear her hair. It's sad when you feel you have to change who you are to get your voice out there. We can have a better, happier society when people are accepted for who they are." Love it.

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