Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer concerts in the Hamptons

A pair of weekend festivals will be playing in the Hamptons in early August! One will be in East Hampton and the other in South Hampton. Cute.
Both festivals are featuring indie bands with no overlap. But PLEASE check out the music before you buy. There are all day and single passes still avaliable. Don't drive. Take mass transit.

Escape to New York (August 5-7)
South Hampton
On the Shinnecock Reservation

Music to Know (August 13 - 14)
East Hampton
Runway 4

I'm excited to see that Mates of State is a part of the line up for Escape to New York! Hopefully, Kori will have time to update her blog, Band on the Diaper on the Run, with this experience.

Another name that made me go "Ooooo" is Ellie Goulding. This succesful young British electropop star is just that. A star!! Ellie has been recieving awards and nominations in her native UK since 2010. Her debut album, Lights, pretty much smashed the UK charts last year. And I love it! Ellie will be performing at Music to Know on Saturday's line up. She'll also be touring the rest of the U.S. until the end of the summer. Check the schedule!

Ellie will be performing at Best Buy on Saturday, July 30, in Union Square (NYC) at 2 PM!

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