Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The last of the pianos 2011 (Pt. 2)

The home stretch. This was my last ditch effort before the Pop-Up Pianos from Sing for Hope were going to be shipped off (for a great cause). Armed with my Metrocard, flats and a list, I was ready.

My first stop was Long Island City, Queens. This piano was situated at Gantry Plaza State Park. It livened the place up, that's for sure.

A few minutes after I finished analyzing the piano, a child came up to me. He wanted to cover the piano back up in case it rained. He needed help. The boy wanted the piano to be safe. I helped him out a little bit because he insisted on doing most of the heavy work, haha. Awwh, New Yorkers DO care!

After I showed some of my pals my collection of pictures...I got in trouble for not visiting them while I was here! Now they have an I.O.U. that's good for a drink!

WARNING: If possible, avoid wearing a flowy skirt on a windy and humid day while trying to cover up a piano. It was a tricky act to try to cover EVERYTHING with 2 hands.

I spent more time trying to cover this piano, in Court Square, than I did taking pictures of it! I was using some ninja moves, with one hand grabbing the tarp, hook and skirt and the other just holding things down, when an extra pair of hands arrived to help me...with the piano's tarp! The gentleman was curious about the piano and also came over because of my struggling dance. Just in time. I was about to face plant onto the ground. He was excited to be able to speak to someone who knows why this piano was there! The gentleman then thought that maybe he can catch a few pianos around the city as well.

Staten Island Ferry! This girl is a pro. So is her friend that played after her, and the next friend that played after her! Goodness. I was surrounded by this group of young and talented musicians. Nope, nope. You do not want to hear me play. Not after them, haha. I love the colors and designs of this piano. It's very playful and beachy.

Staten Island Ballpark. I was so excited when I was walking towards this piano. Because there was a game going on, too! S.I. Yankees vs. Aberdeen Ironbirds (June 30, 2011). I haven't been to a baseball game in a while and I just love hearing the announcer's voice. It's usually overdramatic and HAPPY. This piano was right at the front entrance of the Ballpark.

Apparently, I spooked someone while I was taking this picture! Well, I was hiding behind a pole...

The spookee turns out to be a bag piper who just performed at the opening ceremonies at the game and is also an alumni of the NYC Sanitation Dept (NYC's Strongest!!). We chatted for a long time about pianos, education, games, the future, family, music and just had an awesome conversation! He asked me to play a few notes. I asked him if he was sure. Yes, of course. Then I'm going to apologize first. I haven't played the piano in years. Just never had the room for one.

After a few notes, I saw him still standing there...smiling and really trying not to squirm and laugh. I thanked him for not running away, haha.

Ending note: And so my 2011 piano hunt comes to a close. This was one "project" that will be unforgettable. I started out my hunt with just a mission to see all the different designs of these beautiful pianos. I never expected to meet so many people from so many different walks of life. I not only have a collection of photos but I have an even bigger collection of great stories and wonderful memories. Music truly is the language that brings everyone together. Thanks!

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