Thursday, July 7, 2011

The last of the pianos 2011 (Pt. 1)

I tried my best. I barely made it to 20 of the 88 in the city. Maybe next year I'll hit 30! As of July 2nd, all the pianos are being shipped off to new homes in schools, libraries, community centers, etc. I'm pretty sure that these pianos will bring just as much joy to its new home as it did to all New Yorkers during the past 2 weeks (even the stolen one).

This piano was easy to find. It was right in front of the Alice Tully Hall. I reached for the tarp at the same time as a pianist did. I didn't even see him until then. We took the tarp off together (yay, team work!). I just sat there and watched him play a few classical pieces, while there was a cocktail party of some sort going on behind the glass walls of the Hall. It was a shame that the party wasn't able to hear what I was listening to.

This area was easy. There are 3 pianos within mere blocks of each other. I guess being the Lincoln Center has its perks!

When I got to this Diane Von Furstenburg designed piano, I saw a group of friends surrounding it. One was trying to play something. Anything. But he has been away from a piano for way too long. The other friends were encouraging him to continue. It will come to him. According to them, it would definitely be better than their attempt at it.

Not bad. After this impromptu performance, all the friends made it clear that they were proud of their very own pianist.

This is one of the designer painted pianos that will be auctioned off! The money from this auction will provide "under resourced NYC public schools" in the arts. But the memories and stories this piano provided to so many, are priceless.

This lovely lady grand was just sitting pretty in the David Rubenstein Atrium. I must've walked past this block 2-3 times before I found the slither of an opening to get in! It was lovely with a garden and a cafe inside. This place was very tranquil. And so freaking quiet. No wonder no one played on this piano.

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