Thursday, April 28, 2011

College Broadcasters Inc. - Minute of Silence

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What's that you hear? That's right. Nothing. Just a few minutes ago, at 12 PM Central and 1 PM Eastern time, a minute of silence was held on college radios all across the country. This effort was organized by College Broadcasters Inc. (CBI) in protest of the rising sales of college radio stations. CBI is an organization that represents students in media ventures that commits to education and student involvement. This protest was prompted by the recent sale of the radio station from Rice University (KTRU) and the pending sales of University of San Francisco (KUSF) and Vanderbilt University (WRVU). These sales will mean a decrease in the already small number of local outlets a community has.

College radio stations plays a great role, if not the most important role, as a voice for students and the local community. The voices that are fortunately still being heard nationwide are in support of those that have been silenced.

Here are some words from CBI's President, Candace Walton.

"This minute of silence is just the first step in a broader effort to make the nation aware of how critical student stations are to localism in broadcasting.

Many Americans, including members of Congress, have complained that consolidation, voice tracking, syndication and automation have left communities without a true local radio station. Student stations are often the last locally-focused radio outlet in their community.”

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