Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Listen Honey, to the Hot Sardines

There used to be a time when flapper dresses, feathers and fedoras were a part of casual everyday wear and not just reserved for Halloween. That time is lovingly nicknamed, the Roaring 20s. This decade also gave us such greats as Charlie Chaplin, Louis Armstrong, Josephine Baker, Harry Houdini, Duke Ellington and Babe Ruth! Life was certainly not any simpler back then (it was also prohibition era), but I'm sure it was plenty of fun with these types of talents.

Coincidentally, I've been looking on and off to see where I can enjoy some songs from this jazz age, live! Yes, I know there are speakeasies. But most of them are so secretive and exclusive that I probably can't get in with my ity bity list of credentials. But what d'ya know. My commute home helped me get my answer. I was in my usual mad rush (out of habit) when I stopped short in my tracks. I was stumped and had to stop and listen...amongst the tourists!

Time stopped for a mere few minutes when I saw The Hot Sardines performing in the station. Wow. In my great desire to find out the band's name, I walked back and forth and weaved through a few immobile listeners (can't really blame them, though) to get a mere glimpse of their logo standing upright on the station floor. Love the name. It is especially appropriate for rush hour commuters taking the trains.

This is hot jazz at it's best (at least in NYC). It's very New Orleans a.k.a. Dixieland. All you need is some friends, dancing shoes and whiskey. Even if it's in the subway station. The Hot Sardines are composed of: Evan Palazzo, Elizabeth Bougerol, Jason Prover, Peter Anderson, Justin Hines, and tap dancer, Eddy Francisco. Elizabeth has a strong and crisp voice which is also a match made in heaven for these songs. It will give you chills and make you want to dance...with Eddy! They sing jazz standards such as, "Everybody Loves My Baby," and "Dinah." These Sardines know how to give the originals a run for their money! Let's try to catch them the next time they're in NYC, shall we? Check them out at their website here:

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