Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saves the Day - Daybreak

Saves The Day became Saves the Day in 1997. This from their original name since 1994, Sefler. This New Jersey based band has had only one constant since then, which is the lead singer/songwriter, Chris Conley. Arun Bali, the current backing vocals, is also becoming quite a force for the band. There must've been 20 something band mates that went through the revolving door of this band. But the fans are still here and more excited than ever for their new album, Daybreak.

My friends and I enjoyed their show a few weeks ago in NYC. I loved bopping along with the music and avoided the moshing area. I rather not walk out with a shoeprint on my face! But my other friend "Bee," who is StD's #1 fan if I ever met one, decided otherwise and jumped in. Ha!

As the band was winding down the night, they finally sang my favorite song "Anywhere with You." "CeCe" was wondering if I also thought the dude sounded like a chipmunk! He's a very good chipmunk.

Saves the Day's new (7th) album, Daybreak, debuted on September 13, 2011. Download their new song, "Living Without Love," on

Here's "Deranged and Desperate" off of the Daybreak album. Because I like it.

Lead vocals/guitar - Chris Conley
Backing vocals/guitar - Arun Bali
Base guitar - Rodrigo Palma
Drums - Claudio Rivera (LOVE his hair)

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