Saturday, December 3, 2011

Clara C - Shakin' Off Silence 2011

It took less than 2 years for a gal named Clara C to win Kollaboration Los Angeles, have a successful debut album and headline a global tour.

I was introduced to Clara's music by my wonderful buddy at AMEvents Inspiration. Check out this FUN filled site...after reading this. =D

I finally got to see Clara in concert earlier in November during the Shakin' Off Silence tour. Clara is not only an impressive vocalist (her booming voice will raise your skin) but also quite a funny person! She kept her audience entertained all throughout her performance. Without a blink and so naturally. Her shows are guaranteed by her personality to include great music and laughter. I also have to write about New Heights, later. This awesome band opened for Clara C and also collaborated with her for a music video. Stay tuned...

Clara's first album, Art in My Heart, debuted in September 2010. My personal favorite off this album is, Wake Up in Neverland. Love, love, love it. Clara just finished the Asian part (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila) of her APAC tour. Next up, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia!

Clara reveled during her concert that when she was younger, she was given dis-encouragement to pursue a music career. Well, I hope her sold out shows showed that person how wrong he/she was. Listen to your heart fellas. There's no time like today to pursue the life you want.

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