Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introducing the Sultry Jane Lui

So, I was browsing on Yelp this past weekend and came across the events page. Then, I saw FREE CONCERT. I like free stuff =D

I looked up Jane Lui's site and it was sooo quaint and cute! Kind of like florals. Jane was born in Hong Kong but raised in sunny California. You can tell by her personality that she's from the West Coast. Very sunny. There's also Youtube clips of her singing covers and her own songs. Anyone who sings a rendition of Ducktales is awesome in my book! I'd compare her voice and style to Sara Bareilles, but more adventurous and sexy. If you have a chance, download her latest CD, Goodnight Company, for FREE at www.JaneLui.com. The physical disc will be available in January. I don't get how that works. But, hey! It's all good.

The free concert was at the right time and place for me to go, too. After a hard day of Monday's work, I ventured down to Rockwood Music Hall in LES. When I walked in, the hostess told me that they were sold out of tickets. "But Jane Lui's site said there was no cover." Hostess says, " Well, maybe it's free to stand by." Um, ok. "There's a free performance in our lounge next door. You can wait there and come back later to see if anyone dropped out." So I go next door to this great looking (but teeny) lounge. And I see Jane Lui getting ready on stage! Apparently the hostess was manning the door for Karen Elson. I mean, how silly of me to not spell out Jane Lui's name for her. Because obviously Karen Elson and Jane Lui sound so much alike.

Anyways, Jane played some of her old and new songs. She has a very strong, deep and sultry voice. Those Youtube clips does her no justice. You HAVE to see her LIVE! She's quite the comedian, too. She can entertain the crowd AND tune her instruments at the same time. Quite the multi-tasker, haha. Her songs are great if you're in a sort of melancholy mood. Just right for the bar lounge. Check her out! Again, her new CD Goodnight Company is FREE to download!


  1. You rock! Pleasure running into you there =)

  2. If you're around, Jane will be back in NYC on the 18th!

    Yelp event: http://www.yelp.com/events/new-york-jane-lui-rocking-nyc

    Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=121418804602681

  3. Thanks for the update! I'll make my way there =D