Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Darn-song-playing-in-my-head of the Week, Like a G6. Literally.

It takes quite some effort to keep a driver awake after a day of zip lining and jumping from tree to tree up by the Catskills. But we did it indeed and got home to our beds safe and soundly, haha. One of the many techniques to accomplish this, is to sing your FREAKIN heart out no matter how bad you are. Or talk about something smelly in your fridge. Not mine. Since Lady Gaga has been overplayed to death, the radio stations decided to move on to something just as good and perform the same overkill as well. But might as well enjoy it before it becomes a dead horse. And now it's stuck in my head, for who knows how long. "Now I'm feeling so fly, like a G6. Like a G6, like a G6."

This is by Far East Movement, a Los Angeles based quartet that encompasses hip-hop, pop and dance music. They are possibly one of the first Asian musicians(sorry, Utada) to hit it big on the music billboards! Yes, yes, I know it's the music that matters. I'm just glad that their songs are such big hits now. And hoping they don't fall into the one-hit-wonder category. It's catchy, poppy and will go pretty far. Last week, "Like A G6" was #2 on Billboard Top 100. Well, I guess it did go far. Congrats! Watch out for their next single, which is free this week on iTunes: "Don't Look Now ft. Keri Hilson." Far East Movement's first album Free Wired dropped yesterday(10/12/10)!

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