Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pianos 2013 Finale - Sing for Hope

I was lucky enough to make it to Lincoln Center this past Sunday for the Pianos Finale! I cheated this year. Instead of trying to go find all the pianos around the city...I waited for them to come to one place. Where better than Lincoln Center?

Below are some pictures of the many pianos that brought music across the city.

Every hour, on the 08, there was a mini concert. This event went on from 11am to 8pm. At 7:08 pm, all 88 pianos were played at the same time! The final piece that was played was Bach's prelude in C.

Now these pianos are being given new homes in schools, community centers and other places where they will be well needed.

Can't wait for this event to be back next year!

This is possbily my favorite.

But this one was a close one, too. People couidn't keep their hands off of it!

Here was a mini concert.

Another favorite.

Ever looked at the back?

I love how the kiddies are at the piano of Hope!

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