Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Heights

Why aren't these guys popular yet? I saw New Heights open for Clara C back in November and I'm just wondering why aren't they popular yet. The songs are catchy of the alternative pop/rock kind. The music and lyrics are like candy to your ears. Sensitive like Nickelback (yes, I think Nickelback is sensitive), but rock-y and distinct like 3 Doors Down. They're even ready for some prime-time TV!

This Washington state based band started 7 years ago. With a few changes along the way, they've steadied it to 4 members made up of lead singer Travis Graham, guitarist Chris Kwak, bassist Tyler Carroll, and drummer Bobby Walker. Their third album, Something to Believe In was released in September 2011. And it's pretty freaking good.

Their touring schedule ends at the end of the month in Seattle. Hopefully, they'll get to make plenty more stops soon.

Take Me On is the second song of the new album, which also features Clara C. As much as I love the fact that there's a music video for this, I gotta say, the taking down of the bad guys AK-47 style were a bit overdoing it. Especially with Clara C's hair staying PERFECT the whole time! I still replayed it a few times, though.

Here's one of my favorite songs, Love Found Me from their last album, Starting Again.

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