Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anjulie - Love Songs vs. Stand Behind the Music

Whoa, Anjulie. Anjulie busted out from the suburbs of Toronto and pitched her self-titled debut album in Canada and the U.S. during the summer of 2009.

Her first album showcased her strong and beautiful voice with jazzy and soul steeped songs such as Boom, Crazy That Way and Rain. Talking about Rain, that song tears your heart out. Slowly.

After making an impressive momentum with her first album, Anjulie went back to the studio and drew up her next move in the music world.

2011 proved to be a very different move. Anjulie introduced her new single, Brand New Bitch, with a very different attitude. It quickly made it onto the pop/dance club scene. And I totally danced my heart out to it. It took a while, but her next single Stand Behind the Music finally debuted in December. This new direction caught a lot of her fans off guard and some were not too happy. But this "new move" is just another platform used to display her talent in that she can be any type of singer whenever she wants to be. Because she can do it, successfully. Like a chameleon. Madonna, anybody?

No you don't stand a chance/For a second in my world/The same old song/You won't last long/If you don't stand behind the music ~ Stand Behind the Music

Even though her style has changed (or is continuously changing), her hooks are always the same. In the sense that it will take you in and not let go. I do warn you that her beautiful voice paired with the arresting hooks that she writes will stay latched onto you for a while.

Love Songs from her debut album, Anjulie.

Anjulie's newest single, Stand Behind the Music (12/20/2011).

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