Thursday, September 1, 2011

QuikSilver Pro - Long Beach, NY - Competition is ON, Festival is Not

Some bad news this week coming from Long Island's local officials. After months of preparation and advertising, the QuikSilver Pro Festival, which was meant to enhance the experience of the ASP surfing competitions, has been cancelled.

This is highly upsetting to surfers, fans (including me) and residents of the area. QuikSilver Pro is hosting a worldwide tour of surfing competitions and has lined up the world's best surfers, sponsors, and dozens of bands to perform at this free 15-day event. This past weekend, Hurricane Irene took its toll on Long Beach and officials do not believe it is ready to take on the Festival at this point. QuikSilver Pro and officials are trying their best to keep the surfing competition on. QuikSilver Pro has not announced anything on its website yet, but stand by. There is still going to be a "QuikSilver Pro Jam Session" featuring super star skater, Tony Hawk, at Pier 54 in NYC on Sept. 2nd @ 2 PM. Free!

Whatever the final decision is, best wishes to Long Beach and all the towns effected for a speedy recovery!

Update: The surfing is still on from Sept 4th to 15th. The website seems to have been updated. Music will be on webcast. Browse the schedule to see if you can at least catch some waves! Early in the morn.

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