Friday, September 16, 2011

Bocelli, Dion, Bennett and Botti!

This was the BEST picture I could get, considering the conditions of last night on the Great Lawn! If only I can capture the huge and brightly lite "I <3 NY" sign. My friends and I waited on line and started to walk in around 7:30...and finally made it to the Great Lawn around 8:30! Not too bad considering that the line was from inside Central Park, to the 72nd Street entrance to 59th Street! In any event, this was a great experience to hear the great tenor, Andrea Bocelli. For free! We also got inside just in time to see Celine Dion and Tony Bennett perform their duets with Bocelli. The big surprise for me was hearing Chris Botti's name as one of the guest performers. I JUMPED and SQUEALED like a 8 year old in a candy store...while everyone around me was asking, "Who?" Chris Botti is one of my favorite jazz musicians. This American trumpet player has toured internationally and worked with the biggest names in the music world as guest vocalists.

Chris Botti and Steven Tyler <3

Andrea Bocelli ended the night with, what else? Time to Say Goodbye...

From Tuscany 2008

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