Monday, December 27, 2010

Buon Natale!

Well, I see that my last entry was from...the last holiday! Hahaha...ahem. =)
Anywho, hope EVERYONE'S holiday season was full of fun, food, love and joy!!
After Thanksgiving, I made my way towards Italia! I can't wait to go back!! Firenze (Florence, but it sounds so much cooler in Italiano)was my favorite. Please go visit this Tuscan city when you get a chance. It's so beautiful and relaxing.

While in Rome, my campagni and I had to take the subway to get to our destinations. In every station, the radio/music was playing to keep commuters company. I'm pretty sure it was some sort of station like Z100 because I heard Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Eminem, etc! I don't know why there wasn't any Italian pop. Just curious. Well, here's some of my pictures =) Be back soon!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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