Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oak & Gorski - Cello Rock

This past weekend my friends and I gorged ourselves with fresh oysters and all sorts of seafood until our stomachs (but mainly our wallets) told us to stop. We were enjoying the beautiful weather and being in the presence of other foodies at Asbury Park's Oysterfest! It's a good way to round off the summer. =D

On the car ride back, one of my friends asked if we've heard of Ken Oak. She's a big fan and wanted us to check him out...after we recover.

Ken Oak, cellist and singer, started his journey after he graduated from music school in 2001. He met Ed Gorski (at a Halloween party!) a few years down the road and both have been playing together since 2004. This 2-man band has played in (also their hometown) L.A.'s Street Promenade for years. Ken Oak and Ed Gorski started out as the Ken Oak Band. But after their first album, the band changed to Oak & Gorski (<= link). Their songs are very mellow pop rock. A bit of Daughtry, a lot of Lifehouse and some parts Apocalyptica (another strings band!) with the seriousness of the hair. Oak & Gorski has been making their way through college campus gigs and from their schedule, are headed to Singapore for the next few weeks! Ken and Ed's efforts and dedication to the band didn't come easy. But let their blog tell you.

One of my favorite songs from them is Analog Girl. The video above is Summer's Kiss. Maybe I can request them to play in NY. Oak & Gorski's next and third album as a duo, Love Destroyer, comes out December 2010. Enjoy!

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