Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Colbie Tonight!

Thanks to my dear friend P, I'm going to see Colbie Caillat tonight! She got free tickets! Yes, I know Jay-Z and Eminem have they're thing going on at Yankee Stadium also tonight(!!!). Did I mention free?
Here's one of my favs from Colbie.

UPDATE (Afterwards)
So this was actually a recording for her "Live" DVD. Colbie was awesome. She sings GREAT live and is so beautiful! We had to sit through a few retakes, though. The experience was...interesting, haha. Her band mate, Justin Young, has a big part in helping her write songs and filling in for Jason Mraz's part when singing "Lucky." But goodness, it is sooo obvious how hard Colbie is crushing on him, ooOOoO. But hey, he is hot, talented and native of Hawaii. It seems that he's looking into doing some solo stuff after Colbie's tour is over, though. Justin is definitely one to keep an eye out for. And according to my friend, her own future husband, haha.
When we were getting seated, I saw this 10 year old boy asking a staff to promise to give his present to Colbie. The boy was so sweet and had so much joy in his face when the staff said she promised. During a break in between songs, the boy screamed out, "Colbie, did you get my teddy bear?" "Tyler? Is that you? Yes, sweetie. Thanks =)" I think that just melted Tyler's heart! It was definitely a sweet thing to see. Maybe because I'm a girl, lol.

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