Friday, July 23, 2010

MGMT ... What's in a name?

The group formally known as "The Management," was forced to change their name when it was discovered some other band had it first. So they became MGMT. Which I say is a way cooler name, anyways. MGMT has been making waves in the indie world for a few years now. Their song "The Kids" hit up the Euro scene much faster then their home here in the States. MGMT is Brooklyn (I'm guessing Williamsburg-ish) based with Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden. Well...they're actually from Connecticut. Still tri-state... My favorite song of theirs is "Electric Feel." The band sang with high pitched voices with the intention of getting the girl. The concept is like Maxwell's. But that's where the similarity starts and ends. I also seriously think whoever made the video for this song was high throughout most of the 70's and had nothing but psychedelic neon food and imaginary fuzzy creatures as friends. This is not a judgment, it's only an observation. They are very electronica pop with a huge dose of hipster. But some of their songs are way too hipster for me (such as "It's Working"), haha. There was hot pink ice cream involved.

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